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November 28, 2017
by chiara2014

100wc “Battery powered fun”

The wind roared in my ears and the water sprayed my legs. “Careful out there, you know there are Great White Sharks out there ready to come over and swallow you up in one gulp!” My brother Fred said demonstrating me being eaten on his sandwich. “Whatever!” I said splashing in the sea. Something hurried towards me. “Mum? Do Great Whites have a fin on top?” I asked looking at the fin that stuck out of the water. “Yes…” She said not sounding too good. “Are they energetic?” I asked as it sped towards me. “Get out of the water! Wait a second, Great Whites are NOT battery powered… Fred!”


November 20, 2017
by chiara2014

100wc “The cloaked Man”

He’s always somewhere,


ready to strike.


He’s always striking,


at a bad time.


He’s painful,


in the worst way.


He’s unfair,


but he comes anyway.


He’s a shock,


sometimes he’s not.


He gives clues,


they can be hard.


He’s dreaded,


for a good reason.


He’s feared,


those who can care.


He’s sneaky,


you’ll never see him.


He comes,


annoys forever more.


He’s confident,


always has his way.


He hits,


than you expect.


He’s a mystery,


you still know him.


His name,




November 14, 2017
by chiara2014

100wc “The leap of the cliff”

Willow smiled cheekily. “I know it’s dangerous but it’ll be fun!” Her friend Mia wasn’t keen. “But where would we hide it all?” Willow shouted, “Who cares!” Mia still tried to talk some sense into her. “There’s lots of bungee cord and we’re jumping off a cliff!” Willow thought for a second, “It’s a small cliff and you’re just scared!” Mia rolled her eyes, “Fine.” What could go wrong? Willow went first as usual. “Willow, be careful.” Everyone said to her so, of course, she jumped. CRACK!

They all gasped. “Willow! No…” But Willow sprung back up and yelled. “Ha! Ha! I just clapped my hands! It’s so fun! Mia’s next!”



November 2, 2017
by chiara2014
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The Poem about Me.

I am the sister who played the games. Despite the rules not being exactly the same.

I am the daughter who always cares.  Even if I just cannot be there.

I am the cousin who longs to be there. Except, of course, when they act like a bear.

I am the grand-daughter who solves lots of puzzles Tick! Tick! They’re mostly right.

I am the chess player who beats her sister. Her pieces fly away as if the hate her.

I am the baker that baked all those cookies. One-by-one they disappear quickly.

I am the student who is the school captain. I learn and learn lots every day.

I am Chiara.


October 30, 2017
by chiara2014
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100wc “I Wonder…”

I stared into the flame watching the hot patterns flicker before my eyes.  It was as if the fire were hypnotizing my mind to start swimming in the fire. The beauty obviously should be celebrated tomorrow or at least this week. No-one ever stops to think about it, and when they do they think really bad things about something so beautiful.My mind turned up the lane named “Memories” and decided to walk down there. There was Black Saturday but when’s White Saturday and what will it be like? We will never know. Then I snapped back into reality, It’s funny what you wonder when you’re told to do your homework…

October 24, 2017
by chiara2014

100wc “Trouble in the House”


Trouble in the House,

I thought only I was crammed,

but as the heavy door slammed,

I knew that I was wrong.


It was just snowballs that piled,

And stayed here for a while.

But I guessed they’d just melt.

 And again I was wrong.

I was drowning away,

and I still am today.

I know it should stop,

but my brain is still slop.


Nothing is working.

But I’m still trying.

Nothing is working.

But I’m still trying…


Trouble in the House,

I thought only I was crammed,

but as the heavy door slammed,

I knew that I was wrong.


October 22, 2017
by chiara2014

Passion Project session 1

Firstly, what is a passion project you may ask. Well, to sum it up basically as the school captain for 2017 I get to create a program that uses my skills to teach others and/or to make the school a better place. My Passion Project for this year is that I’m running a program to teach girls that aren’t confident with coding and animating so they can feel better about it in the future.

The next couple of weeks you will be making your very own animation or game using the program called Scratch. These are the steps to get ready to start making!

  1. Click this link: 
  2. Login you should all have scratch accounts as it was part of our homework this week but if not tell me.
  3. Click create and your ready, but don’t start yet!

Together as a group we can come up with suggestions of what you want to. If you already know what you want to do then you can share that with the class to give them some ideas.

For the rest of the session you can make what you have planned if you’re stuck then come to me but try and figure it out yourself.

Have fun!

October 18, 2017
by chiara2014

100wc “Help”

Big Freddy insisted he could see gold on the other side of the murky, disgusting creek and he wants me to be him bridge. I longed to yell, oh no I’m not!  But I couldn’t. “Hurry up!” Big Freddy yelled, “What are you waiting for, the end of the school year? 9 weeks idiot!” Before I could tell him it was 10 weeks I felt my head being dunked under the water. As if a ticking time bomb were inside me I began to panic. His massive feet pressed on mine just as I swam up for air… SPLASH! Big Freddy was never seen again.

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