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The Random Black Cat-1st piece in 2014


“I’m home!” Dad said as he opened the front door. “I wish my room had-

Daddy’s home!”  Sophie said. (She got distracted) “What did you wish your room had Sophie?”

“Air-conditioning,” she replied “Can I show you something that is in my room, Chiara?”

“Sure,” I said as we walked to her room. “Look, when I step on here, it squeaks!” Sophie told me,


“Wow!” I said, astonished. “WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!” barked Tika (Tika is our pet dog).

“What’s wrong girl?” Dad said as a black figure dashed past Tika…

“What was that?” I asked “Maybe I could step on that piece of carpet

again” Sophie suggested so she did.


“HISS! MEOW!”  The carpet squeaked. We ran to Tika. And right there

was a BLACK CAT!


Guess what? The next thing I saw was a neighbour putting up posters

that said: “Wanted. Black cat if found please call” – (I can’t remember

what else the poster said!) So we returned the black cat. The neighbour was

 very happy as she gave the cat some milk and they (the cat and the cat

owner) both went home.

By Chiara

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