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Everyone Should Have a Pet- third piece in 2014


I TOTALLY disagree that everyone should have a pet! I know you will say “But they are SO cute…” WRONG!

My main reason is they could kill you! (It’s unlikely but it’s true) for instance, if you had an allergy to the pet’s fur, the reaction might kill you or make you very sick and the pet could bite. Cats bring very bad sicknesses by bringing back dead rats! So that’s why I say “NO!” to everyone having a pet.

Also, they SO annoying for instance cats go out hunting at night and you might have to go out and find them. They miaow all night, dogs bark all night AND birds chirp all night. That’s why they are annoying.

THOSE are my reasons why I disagree to everyone having a pet. I do NOT agree that everyone should have a pet.

By Chiara

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