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A Present-fifth piece in 2014

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Like a ninja, Mia, (who was 4 years old) crept down the hallway on Christmas eve  in search of something. Then she tripped on one of her toys and fell. THUD!

“What was that?” her mum said when she woke up moments afterwards rubbing her eyes. So she went downstairs and found Mia lying on the ground crying!

“I was only looking for my present from Santa.” Mia sobbed,

“Go to bed” said Mia’s mum. So they both went to bed and fell asleep. When her mum woke up she saw Mia anxiously looking for something, her mum almost fainted! She had thought she had put Mia’s present under the Christmas tree. “Oh, NO! It must have been a dream!”She exclaimed.  

“What was a dream?” asked Mia

“Nothing.” Replied her mum, Mia’s present had vanished!

   Mia’s mum searched and searched and searched but she couldn’t find it anywhere! Then out of the corner of her eye she saw Mia laughing her head off! “I PRANKED YOU!” Mia yelled.

From that moment on it was the best Christmas in their lives.

By Chiara

One Comment

  1. I really like the language and comedy in this text
    Use more interesting vocabolary next time
    It made me giggle even for your fifth piece of the year


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