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Moonlight’s Path- forth piece in 2014


We were on the stairs to get on the plane (That was flying to Queensland). “Hurry up Chiara!” Mum called. That was all I could hear (Because the sun went in my face). Two days later…

On a sunny morning my family and I went for a walk on the beach to collect some shells but every time I found one, I step on a broken one! I was proud of my collection so we went to find an exit.

We searched and searched but we could NOT FIND AN EXIT ANYWHERE! There was no hope of getting back.

I looked at the water there was something fishy. No, really! I stepped into the water, but I stepped on a moonlit path. I beckoned my family over here and we ran towards what looked like the moon. What looked like the moon was really a hole which took us home.

When I checked my collection of shells there was an extra shell! I knew magic had been there… 

by Chiara

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