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The Underworld-tenth piece in 2014


One fine summer’s day a 10 year old girl named Ava went out to walk her bunny. Yep, her bunny. The world’s fastest bunny! With a top speed of 40 KILOMETERS PER HOUR!

“Mum, why do I have to?” She whined like usual. “Just do it” her mum said like reluctantly but Ava had an idea so she got out her rollerblades and dog leash. The next thing you’d know is Ava with her head in the ground (her bunny dug a hole at 40 Kilometres per hour)!

“Hello?” She called spitting out a mouthful of dirt and worms. Just then she saw an army of 100000000 little people no bigger than your thumb carrying tiny shovels. “We’ll help you!” they said, “What would you like us to do?” Just then she saw the village. “For a start, could you make your village A LOT bigger?” She asked impolitely “Sure!” they said as they got to work.

Minutes later, Ava was able to walk around in the village so she asked them to help her look for her bunny “Sure!” They said once again. “Here, bunny, bunny, bunny, here, bunny!” Ava had been calling for hours and hours. “It’s no use.” She sighed as she sat down on a chair and cried. Then she felt her bunny’s fluffy back… “You’ve come back!” She yelled “he, he…” said the 100000000 little people as they secretly blocked the exit… TO BE CONTINUED…

By Chiara

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