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How to Train a Dragon- 11th piece in 2014

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This stops fire breathing dragons breath fire

Materials: 100000 fire extinguishers, a treat and a fire breathing dragon


Step 1: Find a fire breathing dragon.

Step 2: Hide all fire extinguishers so the dragon can’t see them at all.

Step 3: Make it angry by teasing it then wait for it to blow fire then throw the treat far, far away from you this will make it angry.

Step 4: Run over to your hidden fire extinguishers because the dragon will be very angry so it will blow fire, the second it does you extinguish the fire on top of it and it will never blow fire again.

By Chiara

One Comment

  1. Hi Chiara!
    Why did you choose a fire breathing dragon?
    It’s kind of funny because I’m sitting here in the library during this terrible storm checking out your blog.
    How’s year four going?
    Please check out my blog,

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