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The Great Race- 12th piece in 2014


“YES, the day has come,” I thought as I entered Lilly’s house. Lilly, Charlotte, Phoebe, Ebony and Juliet greeted me happily. It was Lily’s ninth slumber party (my first!). The party was on!

One of the games was the challenging Malteser Race where you blow through a straw to push a Malteser to the end of a wiggly track (It’s very hard if you ask me!).

Finally, it was my turn. I blew as hard as I could down the track.  I won! Ebony was competing against me. We both got into the finals. THE BATTLE WAS ON! Guess what? I WON! I was thrilled moment the Malteser crossed the line.

Because I won, Lilly handed me a small green and blue box. I opened it and it had a small, beautiful, little zebra keyring!

I was more than satisfied with the effort I had put in to win.

By Chiara

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