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My Letter Back to Lee


Hi Lee,

I’m looking forwards to learning lots in your class this year. I’m always very excited at the beginning of the year because I can’t wait to learn new things especially maths I just love work things out!

Your new cat reminded me when I got Mika. I had another Siberian Husky named Tika (Telikastar) and her nickname Tikamika that’s how we came up with the name. Unfortunately she passed away 2014. Mika’s  an 8 month old cheeky Husky who loves to play with old sticks and other stuff she’s not supposed to (even when Dad has to yell at her for chewing his hose,) she’s a lot of fun. She’s so fluffy and cute! But with any act of cuteness comes an act of evil! (Proven)

During the holidays I didn’t do many significant things but on the last day of school I left early to go to Queensland (gold coast) with Mum, Dad, Sophie and I. We had a lot of fun even when we only stayed for 5 days which was just in time for Christmas. We didn’t stay for very long so we didn’t go to any theme parks but it was still fun. I love the gold coast. The beaches are stunning! I also love going to the pool and just relaxing on an awesome holiday.


Also, (during the holiday) I went down to Torquay to stay with my grandma while my parents were at work. I enjoyed visiting my cousins too. I went body boarding for the first time there, it was so much fun! I also went to the pool quite a lot. In Geelong,  (with my aunty) I went to the minigolf and I went bowling. I was very lucky and I got three spares and three hole-in-ones!

I hope you enjoyed your holiday as much as I enjoyed mine. I’m looking forward to a great year!

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