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100wc #13 The world full of danger

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genre: horror

I scrambled to my feet, the wolf had called its pack, and I knew there was no escape. I was surrounded by very hungry wolfs. Without thinking, I leaped into a tree. Grabbing branches, I scrambled to safety. I had made a fire out of the branches I collected to scare off he wolfs. Success! I tumbled out of the tree and I fell very hard on the ground, so hard I made a hole in the ground that I got my finger stuck in. Suddenly the spot grew and grew so big I fell into a horrible, dark, abyss…

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One Comment

  1. Chiara, i liked how you used a wolf in the horror story, it was very creative! Be careful with your spelling and punctuation. This is good to do when you check over it before you post it. Your descriptive words of the hole made it very visual for me as the reader. Well done!

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