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100wc #22 “Unlucky”


genre: saddness

“Some people say I’m weird. I don’t get, there is nothing wrong with me. Some people say it’s what I’ve eaten or that I have an airplane. In fact those meanies say it’s because I have a violin and even because I like the color yellow! But that’s all wrong, there’s something that they don’t know and I bet neither do you. It’s just so upsetting to know that people think I’m bad.” Tears swept across her face hoping that one day someone will understand the girl with red hair…

My goal this week is to write a story that isn’t happy or funny because I think there should happy and sad stories.

Click here to hear me read my story!



  1. I found it really sad even though I didn’t know why she was sad! Sorry. Was it because of the red hair. I have always wanted red hair. 🙂 If that helps!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Chiara!
    I liked your 100 WC this week. I think you did a good job at making the reader feel sad and a sense of what it is like to be bullied. I think you could work on your last sentence a bit. It seemed a bit rushed and it didn’t really fit. Other than that I liked how you fit the words in really smoothly. Great story!

  3. I couldn’t really see how it was sad it was more so depressing because she cared about what people thought of her. I really like the idea of how the it can relate to some people in real life who may feel like that. Also I liked your emphasis of the story when you were in audacity.

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