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Camp Response “The Noisy Host”


“Today on MTVN we have a very special guest joining us, the survivor of the massive Questacon earthquake!” The noisy host of Mega Television News boomed. I was pushed by someone into the blinding light of the stage. As I stumbled on squinting, I sat next to the loud host. I struggled to remember any earthquakes that I had been in, then it hit me, I hadn’t been in any earthquakes, ever.

“So Chiara, what was it like to be in Australia’s first ever Megaquake?” The host said loudly into the microphone. The camera zoomed in on my face. “What earthquake?” I squeaked. The whole studio went silent. A minute had passed and no-one had spoken (not even the host!) until I said, “That megaquake was a really good simulator, no damage was done and no-one was killed,”       “Umm… Ha, ha! Of course I knew that little girl. So, err, what was it like in the… simulator?”

“Well, I remember being thrown around by the forces of the realistic simulator!” Cameras were clicking everywhere, this was more like it. Enjoying the spotlight I continued on and got the hang of dramatising things. “That’s not all that was at Questacon, I have much more to tell you like the 7 metres high slide and the amazing-”                                                                                          “And that’s all we’ve got time for today on MTVN! Cut, cut, cut. I don’t want to be a MTVN presenter anymore… LET’S GO TO QUESTACON!” The host yelled for the last time as he happily jumped on a 10 hour bus ride and that was the end of the peace inside Questacon forever.

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