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School Captain Speech


Dear Classmates,

My name is Chiara and I have a little sister, Sophie, who is in grade 3. I have been at this wonderful school since Prep and some roles I have been in are, Green Team several times and SRC.


I demonstrated high level of organisational skills in order to create a roster that helped keep the chickens happy and healthy. I made the roster myself by the following three steps: I researched and liaised with my classmates to determine who wanted to be involved and participate. Then I planned so that everyone would get a fair go taking part. Finally, I managed it so that the chickens were fed, everything went to plan and everyone knew what they had to do. I believe these organisational skills play a big part in being a successful school captain.


I have volunteered to work with the Prep Orientation and Buddies program for several years. This included me helping them make friends and reassuring them if they were worried or concerned. I enjoyed helping both the preps and the teachers. This shows that I know how to work with younger students and that I am good at communicating with the whole school. Once a week I also mentor and teach junior dance students. This involves encouraging them, giving them positive and constructive feedback and shows that I am good at communicating with a range of people.


One of the things that I have really enjoyed is taking on new challenges and extending myself. In the past few years I have chosen to enter maths and science competitions and been involved in GATEways. For several years I have been given extension homework because I was open to trying something more challenging.  I think having these skills would be a good thing to have as a School Captain.

I look forward to the challenges and responsibilities of grade 6 and I hope to contribute however I can to our amazing school.


Kind regards,


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