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Semester 2 Goal Reflection


My goals for semester 2 are in bold and my reflections are underneath.

I would like to work on my handwriting being easy to read and being more organised with my things.

I think it improved a bit but I could still work on it.

I would like to learn lot’s things about physics, chemical notation for things and state of matter and other things relating to chemistry.

I learnt a lot about physics, chemical notation for things and states of matter in our intergrated unit.

I would also like to work on making my writing not always a narrative.

We worked a lot on information texts and presuasive texts but we didn’t do much narrative writing.

In maths I want to work on percentages, decimals and square roots.

We worked on decimals a lot and percentages a little, but we didn’t work on square roots. I have learnt a lot about decimals.

Next semester I also want to work on using harder words in my writing so I’m not using the same words over and over again.

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