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The Hour of Code Reflection



The first period today was the hour of code. It’s where we learn about how we can control what the computer does though basically a different and or efficient language called coding. We watched a video on different famous people that told us about how important coding is and what they were like when they started out. They explained that coding is used in many different ways that we didn’t know about like most devices. We played around with some coding games that taught a lot.

I learnt that you have be very specific when giving computers commands because they can’t understand whats going on inside your head. When you do make an error when you are programming it’s called a bug because little bugs used to crawl into machines and break them. To debug you need to work out what’s wrong before you try to fix it.


I would like to learn more about how the computer understands and interprets the different codes we give them and how to create more advanced games/ problems to solve.

It confused me when we had to put repeat brackets inside repeat brackets which I didn’t understand the point or how it works.

How we could improve how we teach coding by getting into teams and creating different games to challenge other teams by them having to work out how to win the games created.

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