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Letter to Ant



Dear Ant,

I’m Chiara and I’m 11 turning 12 in June (the same day as Jake). My favourite subject at school is science by far. I absolutely adore it, so much so every night I get (force) my dad, who used to be a scientist, to tell me something he knows. Which explains why I was SO happy last year when I got a high distinction in the UNSW competition. I am looking forward to the term 4 integrated topic that involves robots and science- my two favourite subjects ever.


I’m looking forwards to learning lots in your class this year. I didn’t do much in the holidays but an interesting thing I did do over the holiday was that we flew up and back to Newcastle to see my mum’s cousins and my second cousins (I think but I’m not sure what they would be called) in one day. My second cousins are younger than me and they are both really cute. We went rock pooling with them (which was amazing) and we also went to a salt water pool at the beach except my sister and I had to stay in the toddler pool with them because they couldn’t swim. That was until we spotted a floater in the pool we ran out screaming! Apart from that, I loved every minute of my experiences in Newcastle.


I am very excited for two things at the moment camp and our holiday to Japan. I can’t wait for either of them! At camp, I am most excited about going rock pooling because I enjoyed it a lot in Newcastle. I am a bit hesitant about snorkelling even though I have done it before.  

This year I would like to be a lot more organised in general but especially with my belongings. I would also like to learn more about percentages.


I hope you enjoyed reading about me,




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