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S.R.C. Application


Dear Classmates,

I believe I would make a great SRC representative for 5/6 C this year because I have volunteered to work with the Prep Orientation and Buddies program for several years. This included me helping them make friends and reassuring them if they were worried or concerned. I enjoyed helping both the preps and the teachers. This shows that I know how to work with younger students and that I am good at communicating with the whole school. Once a week I also mentor and teach junior dance students. This involves encouraging them, giving them positive and constructive feedback and shows that I am good at communicating with a range of people.

I believe I am a great leader because I am committed to the school for example I have been in Green Team several times and SRC previously before. I am a role model to the school because I am always setting a good example for the younger kids. I also don’t like bossing people around and I think that’s a good quality to have as a leader because they are more likely to listen to you if you listen to what they have to say.

I live the values because I am very good at collaborating with and respecting people and their ideas. For example in the swimming carnival I was part of a group of eight people who teamed up to try and get the most corks that were in the pool into the bucket with one cork in your hand at a time. Our group won because we were all good at collaborating with each other.

Thank You for considering me as your SRC representative for 2017.


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