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2017 Camp Reflection


This year we went to Cape Bridgewater Coastal Camp and it was absolutely amazing. Every day we woke to a stunning view of Bridgewater Bay. You would think you’re in paradise, it looks so unreal like something you’d get off a postcard or an animation. It was one of the best beaches I have ever seen!

We did lots of fun activities on camp like a 13m abseil, snorkelling but by far my favourite was the seal tour I remember it like it was yesterday… Jumping into the speed boat and hearing the boys chant “DONUT! DONUT! DONUT!”. Then having the fresh seawater sprayed in my face as the boat went round and round. My heart thumping as I held on to the side of the boat to stop me from falling out into the sea around me. The driver knew we were having fun and he sped up the boat when we went over big waves and we were airborne!


Finally we got to where the two seal colonies lived and they were all adorable.  The seal pups (babies) came up to the boat because they probably wanted to play with us and our boat. They looked and acted like part dog part dolphin animals which some of them were asleep on the rocks and others were playing and swimming.

We also went inside a cave where some seals also lived we had to be quiet inside there because the noise echoed in there and they were all asleep. The seal tour was the best activity of them all.



  1. Hey Chiara
    I love how you used great word choice and you really explained how camp was like. I think the only thing you could improve on would be just making sure you have 3+ sentence in a paragraph other then that it was amazing.

  2. Nice word choice and paragraphing. I also like the pictures they are very clear and beautiful.

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