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BtN “First Fleet” and My Place “The Encounter”


Red is Facts.

Blue is Insights.

Green is a question.

Black is a summary.

The BtN video was about how the convicts would have felt coming to Australia. Three facts I learnt were that more than 700 people were packed onto the crowded ships. And that on the 19th of January the first ships arrived in Botany Bay. Seven days later the ships found a place to anchor and Arthur Philip planted a British flag in Sydney Cove. I also learned that Britain had colonies in America but then the Americans rose up against the English so it was no longer an place to send convicts. One insight I had was that it must be very disgusting stuffed into those damp and crowded ships. Something I’m wondering is why was most people in England at that time so poor?

The My Place video was about what the Aboriginals thought when they first saw a cow and the English people. Three facts I learned were that when the Aboriginals called the English people the “Ghost People”. And that they had never seen a cow before so they were confused about what it was and they called it a big monster. They also said that the smoke kept the mosquitoes away from them and the camps that they lived on. One insight I had was that he English people must have been just as confused as the aboriginals were. Something I’m wondering was why were the soldiers marching with a little boy in front of them with a drum? 

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