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Red is Facts.

Blue is Insights.

Green is a question.

Black is a summary.


The video was about Sudd and Thompson who stole a bit of cloth deliberately to become convicts because they thought that they had better pay and generally had a better life. Three facts I learnt were that Darling made their punishment harsher by getting chains on their arms, legs and neck.  And that convicts got assigned hours, gets agreed rates of pay and when they have finished their punishment they had the opportunity to buy some land. I also learned that one of the ex-soldiers (Sudd) died either because he was already sick or it was the harsh chains. One insight I had was that they must have seriously regretted what they did. Something I’m wondering is how did Sudd become sick? 

One Comment

  1. Hi Chiara,
    I liked your BTN. Your facts were interesting, and since I didn’t watch the video you did a great job of giving me an idea. Maybe as a thing you could work on (I suggested this to Indigo too) is to give lots of details about your facts, and maybe why you had that insight or more about the questions. Other than that great job!

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