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100wc #4 “Me, Myself and I”

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My goal was to have a 100 word challenge that continued from the previous one I did last week like a series.

My head was spinning around and around, weaker and weaker, dizzier and dizzier. “Make it stop!” I declared, “NOW!” Everyone looked at like me like stupid, useless, robotic clones of me! I punched the brick walls so hard I was certain I broke all my knuckles in four places. My hand hurt so much I didn’t realize there was a crack in the wall “How do I get out of this jail for of me!” They shrugged and smirked so I kept punching the wall but I couldn’t help thinking that having everyone the same as me is just annoying. (Except for the real me, I’m never annoying!).

One Comment

  1. Good work Chiara. I like how you put at the end “I’m never annoying”.

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