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100wc #5 “The Mutant Blob of Fun”

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My goal was to include something that people might relate to like have stuff fall on top of you when you open a cupboard!


“I’m bored, Abbey.” Complained Emma.

“Me too. I might see what I can find in the cupboard,” The cupboard door creaked as mountains of games and fun things to do came tumbling down on top of her but something caught her eye. That’s it, Slime! She thought. Abbey scrambled to the top of the pile and poked her head up for air. “What are you doing Emma?”

“Playing with the Mutant Blob of Fun.”

“But we’ve never had slime in the – ” Before Abbey could finish she suddenly realized there was slime EVERYWHERE! The slime dripped through the floor and ceiling above her, straight onto her head. “Yeah. Very funny Emma…”


One Comment

  1. hi chiara,
    I love the 100 wc! My favourite part was when games fall on her head.
    I found it really funny!


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