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100 wc “…I just couldn’t eat something so…”


My goal is to write something that younger audiences will find funny and entertaining buy using the kind of concepts which those audiences can enjoy.


“I’m hungry mum!” I wait for a response probably like  breakfast was 4 seconds a go!  but the only thing I can hear is the sound of my stomach rumbling. I run towards the fridge but the only thing I see is Brussels sprouts! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! “I see you have found the food your little sister ate the rest of it. That’s what you get for teasing her. Go on, eat it!” My sister says in a weird voice.

“I just couldn’t eat something so yucky! Hang on… That’s not mum! MIA! I’m going to get you for this!” I yell just as lightning cracks from outside…


  1. Hi Chiara
    I really liked how you made your text the like it way little kids will it I also liked the way you used the prompt and you most definitely achieved your goal.

  2. Hi Chiara
    This was really funny and I really enjoyed it. I like how you had the thing about “I wait for a response probably like breakfast was 4 seconds a go!”, that was very creative and relate able to people. Something to work on though is maybe explain more about the lightning, I might not have probably got what it meant but to me it was kind of a bit of useless information… but you only had 100 words.
    Anyways this was really nice! Great writing!

  3. nice work chiara. you really achieved your goal also i like your header image. from hamish

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