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100wc “Life for someone like me…”


My goal was to write a narrative based around a true event (the first fleet of ships to Australia) to give people an idea of what it was like to be alive at that time.


Is it a land full of desert or a land full of rain forests? I don’t know! No-one ever told me what Botany Bay would be like, they only bellowed “7 years transportation!” and now they’re sending me to the other side of the whole wide world! I collapse onto the orange floor of the ship, ranting some more in my head: It’s disgusting here! I did nothing wrong! There could be crocodiles there to eat me! I try and go back to sleep but there is no doubt about the fact that I am caught within a monstrous storm, but that’s just life for someone like me.


  1. Hi.
    Nice 100 word challenge.

  2. I like how your goal was to base it on a true story in a historical moment, i did the exact same thing for the same hundred word challenge. And i like how you did it in their perspective. And it based around our term 1 unit. Great Job!

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