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100wc “Newspaper Hands”

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My goal was to make people realize that there are people in the world who aren’t as lucky as us so we should be grateful for what we have.

The bell was always longed for but especially today, we were doing paper mȃché in art and I was so hungry. I haven’t had any food at home for weeks but today my friend gave me lunch. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I dashed through the hall and stuffed my mouth. “Running out of class,” The bully glanced me and violently curled his lip “Newspaper hands!” He spat. “I’m telling the principle you stole my lunch.”

“I didn’t!” I yell, food going everywhere.

“Ewww! You’re atrocious!” The bully ran off screaming with laughter. I cried for the last time at this school. It’s not my fault I was expelled.

One Comment

  1. hi chiara,
    I really like the 100wc! I liked the part where you said “The bully glanced at me and violently curled his lip,” It was really good because you discribed it with detail: “He curled his lip,” Would be boring and loose the reader’s attention. Something you could change next time would be to show not tell when you said: “we were doing paper mache` in art.” you could use somthing like “I had bits of paper mache` on my hands.” instead.


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