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BtN “Dog Sled”

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This Behind the News video was about dogs (pets) that were originally from colder climates that are in Australia to race against other dogs while pulling a human along on a scooter.

I have a lot of prior knowledge for this topic as I have a pet Siberian Husky. I can imagine trying to race her and she would be so excited she would go insane! I’m guessing these dogs have had some training done to prevent what my dog would do. I also know that it is very hard to train Siberian Huskies because they are very stubborn and I think that’s the same for other sled dogs too.

The person riding the dog is called the “Musher” because MUSH! is what Eskimo’s yell to the snow dogs to get them running or in most cases to pull sleds that often carry the people and their supplies. The Eskimos used these dogs almost like camels were used in the Arabian desert just in the snow. 

Some people can chose to race with up to six dogs depending on how the dogs were trained and how confident the rider is with them.

The dogs are often Siberian Huskies or Alaskan Malamutes and in this particular race they race against each other in the Australian outback. These aren’t the places/climates the dogs are used to but they are trained to still run as best as they can.

I must be very scary to just let your crazy dog pull you around through puddles and forests without you have very much control at all of what’s going on.

Somethings I’m wondering about is do they have separate races for the different breeds of dog? And how do they possibly train there dogs to be that well behaved?!

One Comment

  1. Hi Chiara
    Nice post!! Very well done on completing your task on making a longer BTN (and of course doing a good BTN)!!!!
    I like how you added a prior knowledge category (unless you’ve always done it sorry) but it’s a little bit like an insight. Kind of. But I like the prior knowledge category.
    I also like your first question, it’s really interesting and now I’m wondering that as well. And your summary was really good, if someone strolled onto this page and saw that I’m pretty sure that they would know what is going to come. Or they just want to know what the btn was about.
    Overall, fantastic job!

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