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Old man Saltbush Project Reflection


This term (term 2) the class was put into partners and assigned a plant or animal to do an information report on. Harguan and I did an adaptations project on the Old Man saltbush. This is our final and finished version of our presentation. I feel that our partnership was very successful and that we worked very well together. Overall, according to the rubric nearly our whole project is in “Above expectations” which is a great thing for us to achieve this term.

Three facts I found interesting or surprising were that the Old man saltbush grows better and quicker over the warmer months which is often the opposite of the normal behavior of other plants. The fact that I probably found most interesting was that the Old Man Saltbush had female and male flowers. Finally another surprising fact was that leaves are about 28% salt! They are this salty because over time they have adapted to living in the salty soils.

Two understandings I had was that the Old Man saltbush (or anything else that lives in a specific environment) would have lived there for a long time to be able to adapt to its environment so well. Also, in an experiment, to make it fair everything has to be the same except for the thing that you’re testing.

Something I’m wondering is how do living thing know how and why they should evolve (adapt) to a new or existing environment?

The most important thing that I learnt was to believe in your partner. For example if you’re doing a project and you need you’re partner to bring in some paint for a picture. Unless they said something like “I can’t get paint,” You should yet them do it because if you don’t then they will just expect that you (or others) will always do stuff for them.

I learned that when we decided that we were going to do a digital 3D model. We needed program to make our model and she said that her friend had a good one so I trusted her and it worked! Our 3D model was very successful and it engaged the class.

What am I going to do with what I have learnt is probably do the same thing in future projects and other assignments in the future.

In Conclusion this term’s project was very successful and we worked well with each other, I enjoyed it and we both learned a lot of different and useful information that we can use in the future.

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