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100wc #1 “Freedom”


My goal was to include a short poem about the prompt.


I went to my room, the old drawer was stiff and hard to open but I managed. Things from Nan The box was labeled. I picked up and read an old poem she wrote.



Around and around it seems my life goes,

In a carnival being sat on, oh my poor nose!

Surely this torture may finally end,

My rusty spine of course my friend.

Freedom won’t come to me,

For freedom is where I’m meant to be.

How very dare anyone else decides to sit,

Freedom! Freedom! Will be the end of it!

That poem was the last ever heard of Nan, my favorite carousel horse…


  1. Chiara,
    what a delightful response Chiara. I love the way you have set yourself a challenge of an unusual response and text type. I like the way you surprise us with the nan turning out to be a carousel horse, and that you identify the horse’s personal struggle, wishing for freedom.
    Great work,

  2. Hi Chiara
    I think you did a really good job with this. From what I know you don’t write many poems and you did a really good job. At the end I got a bit confused for a moment, but then I realised what you were saying! That was really good because I thought that when you said nan I thought you meant Nan the Human (which I’m sure is what you were hoping for). So overall good job! I hope you do more poems.

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