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100wc #5 “The Shark Tour”

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“And to your right is Seal Cove, where we will be stopping off!” The tour guide said cheerfully. It was as if the boat were rocking in time with my head. I was sea sick, and shark sick. “Excuse me, but is that a… a… shark…?”

“Why, certainly not,” He chuckled, it was so not funny. “Or, maybe…” The driver lurched forward and then rocketed off. The screams burned my ears so bad even the consistent water spray at me couldn’t cool or calm me down.

Mission Accomplished! The seal thought, That’ll teach them for going near my home! He laughed watching them drive off terrified into the distance…

One Comment

  1. Hi Chiara,
    I really liked this piece because it has the seal as the main character and in my story the character that was telling the story was looking down at the seal. So in 3rd person.

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