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100wc #7 “The storm.”

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Emily laid there on her bed rummaging through her brain trying to find a trace of an idea. Nothing. She needed to think of something that would distract her from the storm. Yes! She thought. I have an idea! She tip-toed past into her room but the unthinkable had happened. “0%! NO!… The battery was flat!” Her mind was racing, what was she going to do? Then suddenly her mind went dark just like the gloomy weather outside. What if she read a book? No! Emily couldn’t bring herself to such a tragedy in life. So, for the first time in her life, she got a little thing called boredom.

One Comment

  1. What a lovely little piece Chiara,
    I particularly like the way you made the prompt be metaphorical rather than literal.
    Boredom is something that is so uncommon these days with so many ways for us to keep our minds occupied….but research has been showing that the state of boredom can be extremely good for our creativity allowing our minds to make unexpected connections and realisations.
    hopefully our little protagonist here makes the most of it!

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