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BtN “Spacesuit History”


Red is Facts

Green is a Questions

Blue is insight

Black is Summary


This video is about the new design in space suits created by Elon Musk (who is the founder of a company called SpaceX)  and what they need to be able to be reliable and durable to last in outer space.

An insight I had was it must be so heavy (on earth because it’s weightless in space) to be wearing these incredible suits. I can’t in a million years imagine what it would be like wearing up to 80 kilograms, I thought our school bags were heavy!

A question I had about this video was why would they spend all their time and money to make all the suits look better when they could just make them more strong and effective? I mean they’re floating in space,     all the other humans are on earth! What I thought the answer was, was that maybe they wanted to have some fun with the situation of going into space.

Another question I had was what do they make the spacesuits out of? Because they are very complicated and heavy as I said before.

The three facts that I found in the video (below) were about all the different requirements that the spacesuits would need because there were (in my opinion) a lot. To start they have to protect astronauts from extreme heat and cold. So the spacesuits come with built in air conditioning and heating.

Also the spacesuits come with built adult nappies for obvious reasons.

They clearly air supply and a gold visor provides eye protection from the radiation in space.

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