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BtN “History of the Alphabet”


Red is Facts

Green is Questions

Blue is an insight

Black is Summary

This video is about the history of the English alphabet and why it is how it is today.

An Insight I had was the Greek alphabet and the English alphabet sound similar, not just because of the first letter of the English translation is also similar. To me, the actual letters sound quite similar too.

A question I have is why is the English language so similar to so many other languages? English has words that are based off Latin words and Greek words and I’m sure we borrowed words from all over the place!


The first fact I found is The Phoenicians are ancient humans and they lived here in the Mediterranean around 3500 years ago. 

Also The ancestors I mentioned before had an alphabet that similar to the one we have today. 

Finally, When the Greek started using the Phoenician’s alphabet many, many years ago they added in the vowels.

Another question I had (even if it’s not really part of the BtN!) is why a “Y” sometimes counted as a vowel but sometimes not? It gets quite confusing in class in the younger grades when you have to name the vowels and things like that!

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