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Passion Project session 1


Firstly, what is a passion project you may ask. Well, to sum it up basically as the school captain for 2017 I get to create a program that uses my skills to teach others and/or to make the school a better place. My Passion Project for this year is that I’m running a program to teach girls that aren’t confident with coding and animating so they can feel better about it in the future.

The next couple of weeks you will be making your very own animation or game using the program called Scratch. These are the steps to get ready to start making!

  1. Click this link: 
  2. Login you should all have scratch accounts as it was part of our homework this week but if not tell me.
  3. Click create and your ready, but don’t start yet!

Together as a group we can come up with suggestions of what you want to. If you already know what you want to do then you can share that with the class to give them some ideas.

For the rest of the session you can make what you have planned if you’re stuck then come to me but try and figure it out yourself.

Have fun!

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