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The Poem about Me.

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I am the sister who played the games. Despite the rules not being exactly the same.

I am the daughter who always cares.  Even if I just cannot be there.

I am the cousin who longs to be there. Except, of course, when they act like a bear.

I am the grand-daughter who solves lots of puzzles Tick! Tick! They’re mostly right.

I am the chess player who beats her sister. Her pieces fly away as if the hate her.

I am the baker that baked all those cookies. One-by-one they disappear quickly.

I am the student who is the school captain. I learn and learn lots every day.

I am Chiara.


One Comment

  1. Hi Chiara
    Nice poem. I like how each line rhymes. I like the onomatopoeia with the “tick! Tick!”
    Good job

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