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100wc “The leap of the cliff”


Willow smiled cheekily. “I know it’s dangerous but it’ll be fun!” Her friend Mia wasn’t keen. “But where would we hide it all?” Willow shouted, “Who cares!” Mia still tried to talk some sense into her. “There’s lots of bungee cord and we’re jumping off a cliff!” Willow thought for a second, “It’s a small cliff and you’re just scared!” Mia rolled her eyes, “Fine.” What could go wrong? Willow went first as usual. “Willow, be careful.” Everyone said to her so, of course, she jumped. CRACK!

They all gasped. “Willow! No…” But Willow sprung back up and yelled. “Ha! Ha! I just clapped my hands! It’s so fun! Mia’s next!”



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