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May 24, 2017
by chiara2014

Our Excursion to Sea Life Reflection

Today we went to Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium where we learned about animals and their adaptations to their environment/habitat. I learned a lot about marine animals’ young and how they were protected because of their unique adaptations. Like how the Port Jackson Shark’s egg was shaped as seaweed to camouflage and that their young can sense movement (predictors) even when they are still inside the egg. Also King Penguins’ chicks are born brown and big to look like rocks. I learned these kind of adaptations are essential for survival against predictors. The growth of any animal is changed by the environment that they live in like how the Lungfish which could potentially survive in a drought and a flood because it breaths air and water thanks to it’s adaptation of having gills and a lung (hence it’s name).


Five month old King Penguin chicks

This excursion answered my question that was “What would happen if you slowly put an animal into a different habitat?”. I think that if you did that the animal would adapt over time because of evolution and maybe start a new species like how sharks and stingrays are still related.

I also learned that marine animals communicate by their body language like how the Lion Fish moves its poisonous fins to warn other fish. All fish understand this language unlike the different languages humans use to communicate.

Something I am wondering is how big the feathers are on King Penguins and why they are that big?


This is the link to the aquarium website:


June 20, 2016
by chiara2014

Our excursion to Mount Alexander College

On the eight of June we went to Mount Alexander Collage for them to teach us a lot about science. We learned about Dry Ice, the Chameleon, Elephants Toothpaste and lots more fantastic science experiments. I enjoyed the excursion because I loved to predict what would happen when we conducted some experiments. My favorite would have to be the Elephants Toothpaste but I liked them all quite a lot. The most interesting for me would have to be the dry ice, I found it very fascinating that the gas from it acts like a liquid. It was cool to see CO2 flow off the edge of the table. In conclusion it was a great day.

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