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August 30, 2017
by chiara2014
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100wc #7 “The storm.”

Emily laid there on her bed rummaging through her brain trying to find a trace of an idea. Nothing. She needed to think of something that would distract her from the storm. Yes! She thought. I have an idea! She tip-toed past into her room but the unthinkable had happened. “0%! NO!… The battery was flat!” Her mind was racing, what was she going to do? Then suddenly her mind went dark just like the gloomy weather outside. What if she read a book? No! Emily couldn’t bring herself to such a tragedy in life. So, for the first time in her life, she got a little thing called boredom.

August 22, 2017
by chiara2014

100wc #6 “Metaphorically”

“Today we will be learning about metaphors!” Cato raised his hand and pulled wierd faces. “Yes… Cato…” The teacher sighed. “Did you know that-” Cato started. “Yes Cato, we did know that Cato in latin is smart. Please just put your hand down… Metaphors are where you say something but the meaning isn’t literal. Mia,” The teacher shouted at Mia. “Describe something as a metaphor!” The teacher’s wicked finger was pointing yet again. Mia hates it when that happens. “Umm…” She thought. Mia had to think of something. “As it came rushing towards us, I tackled it and did it right!” Mia wished to herself that sometimes metaphors were real…

August 15, 2017
by chiara2014
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100wc #5 “The Shark Tour”

“And to your right is Seal Cove, where we will be stopping off!” The tour guide said cheerfully. It was as if the boat were rocking in time with my head. I was sea sick, and shark sick. “Excuse me, but is that a… a… shark…?”

“Why, certainly not,” He chuckled, it was so not funny. “Or, maybe…” The driver lurched forward and then rocketed off. The screams burned my ears so bad even the consistent water spray at me couldn’t cool or calm me down.

Mission Accomplished! The seal thought, That’ll teach them for going near my home! He laughed watching them drive off terrified into the distance…

August 7, 2017
by chiara2014

100wc #4 “My sister”

Finally! I finished watering the garden and must get on my computer before it’s too late. I run towards it my muscles aching then I lunge at it wasting no time but out of nowhere a way too familiar hand appeared and took it way. “Get back here you annoying sister!” I roared my face turning a scarlet color. She threw cushions at my face but I didn’t care. I dashed into her room and I took it! My sister gave me one look. No, don’t do it! She screeched her violin it as hard as she could only then did I realize that I took her computer, not mine.

August 2, 2017
by chiara2014

100 wc #3 “But then the flash made me…”

I was sitting on the edge from the very start. I thought movie was great, thrilling and, well, exhilarating! Although my friend wouldn’t really agree… We walked into the movies and all that really seemed to happen was advertisements shouted at us with the usual, “Buy one get one free!” And my friend was joking around and said “Yeah! I’ll buy 10! Ha! Ha! Ha…” She then seemed hypnotized by the screen but then the flash made me scream in terror but my friend didn’t notice. “Hello? Alice?” My friend hissed. Ever since the day the ads flashed she wore two bright, yellow, fluorescent scarfs. Only then did the flashes continue…

July 25, 2017
by chiara2014

100wc #2 “…When all of a sudden…”

My goal was to make it seem like it was written by a little kid either recalling something that had happened or just making up a funny story.


The hot sand burned my feet in a place you call a beach but I call a fraction of paradise. Except all the water was slowly draining out of the beach. Slower and slower the water flowed away from the coast. “Mummy the sand is burning the water away!” My little brother yelled to the whole world. “Oh, no… Quick! Run! Tsunami!” Mum yelled. I stood there wondering what in the world was a tsunami, when all of a sudden the ocean swallowed me all up! Well, that’s what I thought. Untill I saw the rest of the place you call a coastal suburb but what I used to call home.

July 18, 2017
by chiara2014

BtN “Harry Potter”

Red is Facts

Green is a Questions

Blue is insight

Black is Summary

This video was about the 20th anniversary for the publishing of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and how many people love the series.

The fact that the first Harry Potter book has sold more than 500 million copies worldwide isn’t really surprising for me personally considering it’s now it’s the bestselling book series of all time. I really enjoyed reading Harry Potter but I didn’t realize so many other people did too!

It has been translated into 73 different languages which seems like would be it a lot of different languages to try and translate it into. Let alone translating all 76,944 words that are in only the first book!

Finally, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s (or Sorcerer’s as it is called in America) Stone came out in 1997.  Which is 20 years ago.

Something very interesting is that the same day and month that the first Harry Potter book was published is my birthday!

Something I’m wondering is did and if so how much did the story change when it was translated into so many languages?

I also wonder how many copies Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (my favorite book!) have been made/sold since it was released?

July 18, 2017
by chiara2014

100wc #1 “Freedom”

My goal was to include a short poem about the prompt.


I went to my room, the old drawer was stiff and hard to open but I managed. Things from Nan The box was labeled. I picked up and read an old poem she wrote.



Around and around it seems my life goes,

In a carnival being sat on, oh my poor nose!

Surely this torture may finally end,

My rusty spine of course my friend.

Freedom won’t come to me,

For freedom is where I’m meant to be.

How very dare anyone else decides to sit,

Freedom! Freedom! Will be the end of it!

That poem was the last ever heard of Nan, my favorite carousel horse…

April 20, 2017
by chiara2014
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100wc #3 “The Abyss with an End”

“I look what I made, don’t try it but it’s something incredible, truly spectacular! The one, the only-“

“Yeah, yeah it’s a wall you can walk through and come out the other end. It has NO USE!” I declared, sick of it. I stormed through the dumb wall, hoping to get a gasp from the crowd but my ears were filled. With my own scream. THUD. I fell on to a hard, cold, floor and I sulked some more. The silence was killing me, “Will someone say something, anyone?” I waited for my echo to come back to me but it didn’t. “Yes I will speak, me, myself and I.” 

My goal was to show one of my characters had a strong and important voice in the story to make it more interesting.

February 13, 2017
by chiara2014

Letter to Ant


Dear Ant,

I’m Chiara and I’m 11 turning 12 in June (the same day as Jake). My favourite subject at school is science by far. I absolutely adore it, so much so every night I get (force) my dad, who used to be a scientist, to tell me something he knows. Which explains why I was SO happy last year when I got a high distinction in the UNSW competition. I am looking forward to the term 4 integrated topic that involves robots and science- my two favourite subjects ever.


I’m looking forwards to learning lots in your class this year. I didn’t do much in the holidays but an interesting thing I did do over the holiday was that we flew up and back to Newcastle to see my mum’s cousins and my second cousins (I think but I’m not sure what they would be called) in one day. My second cousins are younger than me and they are both really cute. We went rock pooling with them (which was amazing) and we also went to a salt water pool at the beach except my sister and I had to stay in the toddler pool with them because they couldn’t swim. That was until we spotted a floater in the pool we ran out screaming! Apart from that, I loved every minute of my experiences in Newcastle.


I am very excited for two things at the moment camp and our holiday to Japan. I can’t wait for either of them! At camp, I am most excited about going rock pooling because I enjoyed it a lot in Newcastle. I am a bit hesitant about snorkelling even though I have done it before.  

This year I would like to be a lot more organised in general but especially with my belongings. I would also like to learn more about percentages.


I hope you enjoyed reading about me,




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