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August 19, 2016
by chiara2014

Camp Response “The Noisy Host”

“Today on MTVN we have a very special guest joining us, the survivor of the massive Questacon earthquake!” The noisy host of Mega Television News boomed. I was pushed by someone into the blinding light of the stage. As I stumbled on squinting, I sat next to the loud host. I struggled to remember any earthquakes that I had been in, then it hit me, I hadn’t been in any earthquakes, ever.

“So Chiara, what was it like to be in Australia’s first ever Megaquake?” The host said loudly into the microphone. The camera zoomed in on my face. “What earthquake?” I squeaked. The whole studio went silent. A minute had passed and no-one had spoken (not even the host!) until I said, “That megaquake was a really good simulator, no damage was done and no-one was killed,”       “Umm… Ha, ha! Of course I knew that little girl. So, err, what was it like in the… simulator?”

“Well, I remember being thrown around by the forces of the realistic simulator!” Cameras were clicking everywhere, this was more like it. Enjoying the spotlight I continued on and got the hang of dramatising things. “That’s not all that was at Questacon, I have much more to tell you like the 7 metres high slide and the amazing-”                                                                                          “And that’s all we’ve got time for today on MTVN! Cut, cut, cut. I don’t want to be a MTVN presenter anymore… LET’S GO TO QUESTACON!” The host yelled for the last time as he happily jumped on a 10 hour bus ride and that was the end of the peace inside Questacon forever.

June 5, 2016
by chiara2014

The Unlikely Hero

This story was actually an edited version of one I wrote in 40 minutes during an assessment. The plot and story was the same, the only main difference was that in the original there was a narrator telling the story but in this one it’s in the wolf’s perspective. The wolf’s character, Mika, is based on my pet husky Mika who is much like the book character. Fun, loving and a bit silly, Mika is one of the main characters because of her love for Maddy or Friend as she is known as in the story. The reason my characters are like this is because the theme is friendship and the message is “Don’t take friends for granted when you treat them badly”.

(click here to hear me read my story)


October 29, 2015
by chiara2014

Angel and the Horrific Nightmare

“AARRGGHH! ELLA!” A six year old girl named Angel screamed. She was at her creepy, mysterious, magical boarding school and this was her first nightmare here. Her nightmare was that her best friend Ella had vanished. Angel didn’t know whether it was just a nightmare or not. (Ella wasn’t at school) So she decided to look for her.


Early the next morning Angel scrambled to her feet and crossed off yesterday on her calendar. Today’s a Saturday! No school, Angel! A familiar voice in her head said. Which means you can come and- The voice was interrupted by their principle in his usual French and Irish accent. “Attention students… Due to harmful weather conditions… You may NOT leave the building.” Angel stared out the window miserably trying to think of a way to rescue Ella without leaving the building. It was impossible.

“Hi Angel looking for Ella?” A transparent ghost named Harry said with tears in his pearly white eyes. “I’ve got a secret map you can use ONLY to find her. I highly recommend it but remember to come right back here afterwards or we’ll all be doomed.” Angel stared at the map. Normally, Angel would NEVER even touch anything Harry recommended but this seemed different…



Angel followed the map until she reached a brick wall but the map said to keep walking forward. “I knew this was garbage!” Angel exclaimed. Her voice echoed through the no longer empty corridor. “Ella! I’ve missed you! Where have you been?” Angel said running and giving what she thought was Ella a big hug, but ran straight through Ella’s spirit. “Angel,” It said, “I am not who you think I am. I am a dead spirit and I need a home, an object, to haunt. I cannot be with you forever.” And with that Ella’s spirit flew into the map Angel did not realise she was holding. Until now.



A cold, deep voice somewhere around her said “Only the living and the dead can open me,” Then the brick wall slid open to reveal “The Village of the Knocked Back” Before Angel could work out what it meant, a ghastly, untrustworthy, smug ghost quickly and frantically flew out as Ella’s spirit turned into a ghost, flew into the village and the brick wall slid shut. “Ella!” Angel yelled…



“I’m Jack. And you are?” The smug ghost said.

“ANGEL, BUT WHERE IS ELLA!” Angel yelled.

“You are one very smart cookie. But did you know what you just did? YOU UNLEASHED THE GREAT NAGINO! Now the school’s charms to seal the evil wizards in the village are destroyed by my appearance in the world!”

“So? Ella’s not evil!”

“So? Ha! So? I will kill my enemy Molly Smith, I’ll rule the world! I will become immortal! And the best bit, they will all help me!” The brick wall slid open, once more, and all the ghosts flew out. “Oh, and by the way ghosts can only kill ghosts but with a little something, you’ll all be dead.”



The news about Nagino spread like the flu in winter. Angel went to bed pretending the whole thing never happened. Though it was hard to forget the words “you will all be dead” and “I will kill my enemy Molly”. Angel was worried. What has she done to the world? She eventually fell asleep but that night she had a nightmare…



October 29, 2015
by chiara2014

Angel and the Death-Defying Curse

“ANGEL!” Molly shrieked “WAKE-UP!”

“Huh?” Angel said as she lifted her head out of her soggy breakfast cereal.

“I’ve got some good news and some very good news! The good news is you’re going to school and the very good news is it’s a magic girl school!”

“Yay. Woo-Hoo.” Angel said sarcastically.

“It’s called Ecole Scoil Is Maudit*. Very cool isn’t it. Your first day there is tomorrow so you better get practising!” Angel had learnt a few spells along the way but NEVER as much to go to school. She was very nervous. Angel was magical but her sister (Molly) wasn’t. (Despite Molly being 20 years older than her). Angel had a plan…

*(Ecole= this, in French. Scoil= school, in Irish. Is= is, in English and Maudit= cursed, in French!)



Angel’s first day at ESIM finally came. She nervously entered the creepy, dark, misty hall. “I’m Professor Tom Malice, the principle of ESIM as you can see…” A voice behind her said in a very low and slightly French and Irish accent. She span around to see an old, creepy man. “Any way…” Professor Malice said as the great hall suddenly came to a split end. “On the right… are the classrooms don’t worry… they have the timetables the front of the doors…” That “Tom” guy’s creeping me out- he’s reading my mind! Angel thought. “You are very right, I can, and DON’T CALL ME THAT “TOM” GUY! Any way… on the left the house’s common rooms. Yes, you will get sorted today, and don’t interrupt me with your thoughts. It’s a way of communicating here… Lessons start in ten minutes sharp!”


“Oh. I’m very sorry.” Angel muttered rudely and sarcastically folding her arms and stomped back to the great hall. “Hello! What’s your name!? Is anything wrong?! Can I help you!? My name’s Ella! I’m really excited! When did you find out you’re a witch!?” A first year girl named Ella said quickly panting afterwards still grinning like mad. “Well, I’m Angel and I have a -”

“Attention please… It is now time for the sorting of the houses… My wand will examine you and shout out the house you are in… All other students off to your common room… Let the sorting BEGIN! Angel Rose Smith… Step forward…” Professor Malice’s wand rose high into the air and circled Angel. “CONDENDOR*!” The wand shouted. A couple of names Ella was called up “Ella Gracie Williams… Step forward…”


*(The houses: condendo doomed in Spanish, audaz bold in Spanish, lemal evil in Haitian, venger revenge in French!)


Ella and Angel skipped down the long corridor and turned left to a door labelling CONDENDOR “What’s the password?” The door sign said.

“Who are you and where do you come from? I can’t see you!”

“I’m a door! What’s the password?”

“Err… Bubble-gum Sugar Pants?”


“Little cry guy?”


“Don’t guess! Are you stupid? Wait for Harry!” Ella interrupted. Before Angel could reply Who’s Harry? A transparent, happy, ghost (That Angel expected to be Harry) hovered above all the Condendors. “It is I… Harry!” Harry introduced himself. “HURRY UP AND SAY THE PASSWORD I’LL BE LATE!” An inpatient student shouted. “All right, all right. The password is… BRUTAL KING…” The door swang open but everyone went to their classes. “What are you waiting for? We have spells now!” Ella said cheerfully. Angel gulped and slowly walked into class.




The room (more like dungeon!) was dimly lit as Angel (gulping again) walked in. “Today class… we will be learning the invisibility spell with me, Professor Malice…”

“Aren’t you the principle?” Angel wondered.

“STOP INTERUPTING ME!” Professor Malice boomed.

“Psst! Angel! He’s deaf! You can talk but you can’t think!” Ella whispered. Unsurprisingly the whole class heard. “YOU STINK!” Someone yelled. “SILENCE! I CAN LIP READ! DETENTION ELLA!” A minute later the class was trying out the Invisibility Spell they had learnt. A few were successful. Then it was Angel’s partner’s turn. “What’s the spell again?” Her partner asked. “Antivisionus.” Angel replied.

“OK, Acti…vision…cocus!?” Her partner said, with a slight smile on her face. Then a beam of red light came from her wand and hit Angel in the chest. Then heard someone muttering something…




“STOP! STOP! STOP! EVERYBODY STOP! What has happened? WHO DID THE TORTURING CURSE TO ANGEL? WHO?!” Professor Malice shouted. He pulled a lever on the desk and instantly the nurse came and took Angel away. After class the word was spread around that Mary, (her partner) killed Angel. Ella knew this wasn’t true so she went to investigate.




Ella secretly overheard some teachers talking and shouting. “SHE IS DEAD I TELL YOU, DEAD! There is not a single moving cell in her!”

“DOESN’T MEAN SHE’S… maybe… just maybe… she might be…” One said, lost in thought.




A week later, Ella found out how to do a healing charm. At midnight Ella crept down the hall to where Angel lay… “Come back Angel, come BACK!” Ella yelled followed by angry shooshs. Angel’s face was turning red. Ella was worried… “HA, HA! You should have seen the look on your face! April Fools! HA, HA, HA!” Angel laughed.

“How did you-”

“I learnt the body freeze spell before I came here! HA, HA, HA!” The people who Ella woke up were laughing and speechless. That night everyone had a relaxing sleep after the day of pranks. Except for Angel…

June 10, 2015
by chiara2014

Angel and the Anonymous Rollercoaster

“So, how did you make that magic waterhole?” Asked Molly

“Well, fine I’ll tell you. It was my tears but I don’t know how they got to be magical. Hey… that high rollercoaster which-has-no-name has opened! Can we go on it? Can we go on it? Please, please, please, PLEASE?!” Angel begged. You couldn’t see the ride or the name of it. That’s what made it exciting, interesting and fun! The ride was covered by a HUGE hill that no-one dared to climb, or though there was a tunnel underneath.

“Only if we find out how you made that waterhole magic.” Molly replied



“Fine, but I don’t know how… I remember sneezing but that’s all.” Angel said sadly. Molly gasped at the word “sneeze”. Molly was 26 and Angel was 6 but crazy enough, they were sisters. Angel somehow had created a Magic Teleportation Waterhole without knowing. That was the kind of stuff magic people do. So Molly was very eager to find out more about if she was magical or if someone did it for her secretly instead.



Later that day, Angel reluctantly went to the library with Molly. Sure enough she was magical! “WOOHOO!” Angel yelled but soon afterwards she was told off by the librarian. “I want to try out my powers please!?P.S could I please go on that high rollercoaster? Thank you!”

“NO…, I SAID! Your second power use is bad!” But Angel had already teleported there…




“Oh boy, I can’t wait!” The cart she was in chuffed, then it began rolled, slowly. Around her were kids no older than 2 “That’s odd” she thought as it continued at the same pace. Angel passed a big sign (obviously the tittle) saying “Baby’s First Little Ride!”

“WHAT??!!” She shrieked, (She was hoping for a decent ride.) rage was bubbling up inside her like a volcano… BOOM!!! The world blacked out. She could hear faint screams and wails of babies and sirens. She tried to open her eyes to see what devastation she had done to the hill or worse but nothing happened. She was now blind.






Ambulances came sweeping from every direction. She found herself being picked up and taken somewhere. The damage that she had created as tremendous. Despite the damage no-one was hurt except for Angel because she did something bad. “What’s happened to her?” She heard Molly cry.

“Well… She’s blinded but she’ll need to stay in hospital for further examination.” The nurse said.

“How long?”

“Maybe about a year.”


“You heard me, about a year.” The nurse said sternly. Molly sighed and left the hospital.





ONE MINUETE LATER… Molly had come up with a brilliant plan to help Angel so she went into the hospital to tell her it.


“Yes, who’s this?”

“Molly and how did you make that waterhole magic?”

“Err… I… sneezed?…”

“THAT’S IT SNEEZE!” Molly ran over to the table where she found some pepper. Angel smelt the pepper and she felt that tingle in her nose. “ACHOO!” The feeling was spectacular, colour came flooding back to her eyes and world. She opened her eyes and saw Molly standing there. She was cured, so soon afterwards they left hospital and went home.


April 30, 2015
by chiara2014

Angel and the Magic Waterhole

“Are we there yet?”


“Are we there yet?”


“Are we there yet?”

“STOP! I AM TRYING TO DRIVE! IF YOU CONTINUE, WE WILL CRASH AND DIE! Don’t you know our hotel is in the middle of nowhere and we’re on a mountain?!” Angel (a very annoying 6 year old) loved nothing but annoying her 20-year -older-than-her-sister (named Molly) and all Molly wanted was a peaceful relaxing holiday. Without her.


“Sis, I need to go to the toilet,” Angel whined “There is nowhere to pull over! Can’t you see we are on a mountain, silly!” shouted Molly “But I really, really need to go.”

“Fine. And I’ll go with you.” She replied reluctantly because Angel always argues back with her. She didn’t want to her time wasted.



But the moment they both stepped out, CRASH, BANG, THUD! Went the car as it tumbled down the mountain. “NO…! My car…! Quick! We have to go down and save it.”

“But I REALLY need to”

“NO “BUTS”!” Molly shrieked and with that they tumbled down the mountain…


They both fell face first into burning hot sand but Molly clambered up first, wiped her eyes and ran off into the distance chasing her beloved car. Angel spat out mouthfuls of sand (by then she could no longer see her sister or her car). “Hello? Is anyone here?” she yelled but all she could see was hundreds of kilometres of plain, boring, tiresome sand. She sat there sobbing, thinking of what to do next.


Molly’s car had FINNALY come to a halt and Molly had caught up with it. She tried to catch her breath, then clambered in and started the engine. VROOM! “WOO-HOO!” Molly yelled. The car was speeding at 120 k.p.h. “I’M COMING FOR YOU, SIS!” She called over the noisy engine but almost immediately it ran out of petrol! She stepped out and thought “This is the end,but stepped and saw Angel (still sobbing) and a waterhole (who knows what that’s made from!).



“Molly! I’m SO glad to see you,” Angel said, suddenly cheering up. “Hey, look! It’s Magic! If you jump in and say “home” it will take you there,” Molly noticed “how did you make it?”

“Err…I…can’t remember…” Angel said blushing. Immediately they jumped in. “HOME!” but they didn’t go home, they went to the hotel but that was what they wanted. “I’m hungry.” Angel whined but they burst out laughing and Angel learned NEVER to annoy Molly again. Until the next trip…


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