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November 2, 2017
by chiara2014
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The Poem about Me.

I am the sister who played the games. Despite the rules not being exactly the same.

I am the daughter who always cares.  Even if I just cannot be there.

I am the cousin who longs to be there. Except, of course, when they act like a bear.

I am the grand-daughter who solves lots of puzzles Tick! Tick! They’re mostly right.

I am the chess player who beats her sister. Her pieces fly away as if the hate her.

I am the baker that baked all those cookies. One-by-one they disappear quickly.

I am the student who is the school captain. I learn and learn lots every day.

I am Chiara.


February 13, 2017
by chiara2014

Letter to Ant


Dear Ant,

I’m Chiara and I’m 11 turning 12 in June (the same day as Jake). My favourite subject at school is science by far. I absolutely adore it, so much so every night I get (force) my dad, who used to be a scientist, to tell me something he knows. Which explains why I was SO happy last year when I got a high distinction in the UNSW competition. I am looking forward to the term 4 integrated topic that involves robots and science- my two favourite subjects ever.


I’m looking forwards to learning lots in your class this year. I didn’t do much in the holidays but an interesting thing I did do over the holiday was that we flew up and back to Newcastle to see my mum’s cousins and my second cousins (I think but I’m not sure what they would be called) in one day. My second cousins are younger than me and they are both really cute. We went rock pooling with them (which was amazing) and we also went to a salt water pool at the beach except my sister and I had to stay in the toddler pool with them because they couldn’t swim. That was until we spotted a floater in the pool we ran out screaming! Apart from that, I loved every minute of my experiences in Newcastle.


I am very excited for two things at the moment camp and our holiday to Japan. I can’t wait for either of them! At camp, I am most excited about going rock pooling because I enjoyed it a lot in Newcastle. I am a bit hesitant about snorkelling even though I have done it before.  

This year I would like to be a lot more organised in general but especially with my belongings. I would also like to learn more about percentages.


I hope you enjoyed reading about me,




May 26, 2016
by chiara2014

I Got This Hat

My hat’s not the most special but it still has a story and this is it. My Mum loves online shopping and one day she bought a blue, bucket, hat. Australia’s post service is really, really slow it took forever to get here but when it finally did come both Mum and I were very excited. I didn’t know whether it would come with nothing or some bubble wrap for me! I opened the big cardboard box and there was the hat, I lifted it up and the clear frame that held it in place! That was my clear, plastic, amazing hat.


April 14, 2016
by chiara2014

Today’s lesson Continuation

In this week’s lesson we learned about the process of passing a bill and the details about a vote in Parliament House and  Click here to see our lesson.

My group developed a bill on equal pay.

Equal pay is a wrong act…


4 questions

  • Why do women get payed less? Women get payed less because men think the’re not smart enough or too emotional.
  • Why is it still happening? Some men still don’t see women equal
  • What jobs do men get paid a lot more than women? Acting and mostly professional jobs
  • What is wrong with women for them to get paid less than men? Some men think they are the better and stronger gender and they should get payed more than women


  • The bill about women getting payed more than men is a wrong act, A Bill for an act is in every single job, all genders should be payed the same amount.

3 Arguments


  • It is unfair for men as well. If they are married they have the burden to pay the bills, feed the family, pay school fees and pay for work as well! It would be too much for 1 itty-bitty man to do.
  • We are all humans we are no different from another, so why are we acting live women are NOT important.
  • 69% of marriages end in divorced so women need to work to get money and live.


  • (Most)Men work harder than women so they should get the reward (which is more money than women)
  • Woman take time off from work to have children and take care of them, so they aren’t as committed to their jobs as men, so men should be paid more.
  • Male dominated work has historically been better paid and better organised than female dominated work.

Revised Bill

If the job is the same, then both genders should get paid the same amount.


I think that men and women should get an equal pay bill passed into an act of parliament because it is hard if they are married they have to work hard to pay the bills, feed the family, pay school fees and pay for work as well! It would be too much for one family to do. Especially if a poor family, example if they only have one mum, it would be very tough for her because she gets paid less! We are all humans we are no different from another, so why are we acting live women are NOT important. It’s just wrong! So I strongly believe both genders should be paid the same amount. So don’t you agree that it definitely should become a law too?

My integrated topic we were put into groups and this a reflection on how we worked together on our projects.

What worked was that we all knew what the main thing was that we needed to do and what didn’t work well was that it could have been better organised. I think our group got a bit off topic at times, but apart from that we worked hard and we did very well with the tasks given to us.

In Australian Federal Parliament, the Searjent-at-Arms must introduce the Speaker before the debate begins. The Clerk must say the rules before the debate can begin, even when they resume the same debate. I think passing a bill will take a long time and that being in parliament must be a lot of hard work. Sometimes, if the bill is an important and personal thing the Speaker may call a “conscience vote” where instead of people voting with their parties, they vote for themselves. A question I have is why does passing a bill have a long, complicated way of doing it?



February 3, 2016
by chiara2014

My Letter Back to Lee

Hi Lee,

I’m looking forwards to learning lots in your class this year. I’m always very excited at the beginning of the year because I can’t wait to learn new things especially maths I just love work things out!

Your new cat reminded me when I got Mika. I had another Siberian Husky named Tika (Telikastar) and her nickname Tikamika that’s how we came up with the name. Unfortunately she passed away 2014. Mika’s  an 8 month old cheeky Husky who loves to play with old sticks and other stuff she’s not supposed to (even when Dad has to yell at her for chewing his hose,) she’s a lot of fun. She’s so fluffy and cute! But with any act of cuteness comes an act of evil! (Proven)

During the holidays I didn’t do many significant things but on the last day of school I left early to go to Queensland (gold coast) with Mum, Dad, Sophie and I. We had a lot of fun even when we only stayed for 5 days which was just in time for Christmas. We didn’t stay for very long so we didn’t go to any theme parks but it was still fun. I love the gold coast. The beaches are stunning! I also love going to the pool and just relaxing on an awesome holiday.


Also, (during the holiday) I went down to Torquay to stay with my grandma while my parents were at work. I enjoyed visiting my cousins too. I went body boarding for the first time there, it was so much fun! I also went to the pool quite a lot. In Geelong,  (with my aunty) I went to the minigolf and I went bowling. I was very lucky and I got three spares and three hole-in-ones!

I hope you enjoyed your holiday as much as I enjoyed mine. I’m looking forward to a great year!

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