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November 2, 2017
by chiara2014
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The Poem about Me.

I am the sister who played the games. Despite the rules not being exactly the same.

I am the daughter who always cares.  Even if I just cannot be there.

I am the cousin who longs to be there. Except, of course, when they act like a bear.

I am the grand-daughter who solves lots of puzzles Tick! Tick! They’re mostly right.

I am the chess player who beats her sister. Her pieces fly away as if the hate her.

I am the baker that baked all those cookies. One-by-one they disappear quickly.

I am the student who is the school captain. I learn and learn lots every day.

I am Chiara.


August 3, 2017
by chiara2014

Principal Day Poem

Today’s principal day,

The day we all say Yay!

Yay for Rebecca!

Yay for Matt!

Yay for having principals like that!

You help run such a great school,

Who knew anyone could be so cool!

Without you here the school would go crazy,

Even if the weather were hazy.

I’d just like to say,

Thank you Matt and Rebecca on Principal Day.

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