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June 23, 2016
by chiara2014

Term 2 Unit Science Reflection (chemistry)

This unit was very interesting. I loved learning about physical and chemical changes. Here are three interesting facts I learned; all changes are either chemical or physical changes. To see if it’s a chemical change a few of the following will occur: A new smell, a new color, a formation of any other states of matter or if any energy was given off (sound, heat or light) but the thing it must have is a creation of new substance. Another fascinating thing I learned was, as I mentioned before, rusting is a chemical change because the new substance made was iron oxide and here’s the chemical equation: 4Fe+ 3O2 → 2Fe2O. If that’s a bit confusing click here to find out more.  Something I’m still wondering is why do so many thing react to each other?

What I have learned throughout his integrated unit has been quite a lot but I think the most important thing is knowing the difference between a physical and a chemical change. I learned it during one of the earliest lessons but it was only when I watched a video I fully understood it. What I will do with my knowledge around it is use it when I have another prepared speech (click here to see it) or any kind of presentation. I have defiantly achieved my science goals I created at the beginning of the year because the P.R.O.E format was making predictions and reflecting on it. Finally, this term we (Brynn and I) did an experiment that covers the year 5 standard: prove behaviors and properties of different states of matter where we timed the evaporation of high viscosity liquids on a Bunsen burner to find out more, click here!

June 20, 2016
by chiara2014

Brynn and I’s Science Experiment

Introduction: This term we have been learning about chemistry.This week Brynn and I conducted an experiment on the viscosity of liquids. The stranded we were focusing on was exploring the way solids, liquids and gases change under different situations such as heating and cooling. To see Brynn’s blog post click here! When repeating our experiment make sure you’re careful around the Bunsen burner and you have a licensed adult with you and have fun! 

Aim: To see if the viscosity of a liquid effects the rate of evaporation. 

Hypothesis / Prediction: I think the higher viscosity, the longer it takes to evaporate because it’s thicker and more like a solid.

My science experiment

Observations: At 3 minutes on the Bunsen burner the honey mix started to bubble. At 4 mins the honey formed froth on top and the honey and water separates and the water starts to evaporate. At 5 minutes the chocolate syrup does the same as the honey at 4 minutes. At 8 minutes the honey boils and over flowed the container and chocolate syrup forms froth. At 9 mins chocolate syrup boils and overflowed container.

This is our diagram of what happens at 8 minutes

WIN_20160622_124600 (3)

Discussion: All our observations seemed like normal things that would happen before a liquid reaches boiling point. Boiling occurs before the evaporation because boiling is evaporating/giving off the gas at the bottom of container (closer to heat) causing the bubbles.

Conclusion: Our prediction wasn’t correct because we thought that the honey would evaporate last, when in fact it evaporated/boiled first. Some future experiments we could conduct would be, ones with bigger beakers so we could see what happens when it has stopped bubbling. Then we can really see which one evaporates the quickest. If we left it on the heat longer, the water in the honey will evaporate but the solid sugar will burn at about 121°C and a similar thing will happen with the chocolate syrup too.


Colored links guide:

Orange: Brynn’s blog

Purple: word definitions.

Yellow: word documents.

Blue: bibliography links.

Red: subtitles. 



June 20, 2016
by chiara2014

Our excursion to Mount Alexander College

On the eight of June we went to Mount Alexander Collage for them to teach us a lot about science. We learned about Dry Ice, the Chameleon, Elephants Toothpaste and lots more fantastic science experiments. I enjoyed the excursion because I loved to predict what would happen when we conducted some experiments. My favorite would have to be the Elephants Toothpaste but I liked them all quite a lot. The most interesting for me would have to be the dry ice, I found it very fascinating that the gas from it acts like a liquid. It was cool to see CO2 flow off the edge of the table. In conclusion it was a great day.

May 24, 2016
by chiara2014

My Goals and Reflections

Semester 1 Goals:

I would like to learn lot of things this year, like how to be more organised with my things, by having more certain places for things so I don’t lose them and to improve my handwriting for people to understand it by taking my time. I would also like to learn more internet shortcuts to be efficient by taking note when I’m hovering over tools. With my maths I’d like to work on my decimal by researching them. Finally I’d like to know myself a bit better as a learner by listening to others feedback.

Semester 1 Goal Reflection:

I have learned lots in Semester 1. I have improved on finding certain places for things so I have become a bit more organised. This semester I have tried to work on my handwriting and I have improved a little bit on that too. I have defiantly improved on finding internet shortcuts. I have found ones like: Ctrl A, which is where you highlight everything on the page. I have learned a lot in maths but my goal was to learn more about decimals. I have improved my understanding about decimals a lot.

My Goals for Semester 2:

Next semester I would still like to work on my handwriting being easy to read and being more organised with my things. I would like to learn lot’s things about physics, chemical notation for things and state of matter and other things relating to chemistry. I would also like to work on making my writing not always a narrative. In maths I want to work on percentages, decimals and square roots. Next semester I also want to work on using harder words in my writing so I’m not using the same words.

My Goals for Semester 2 Reflection:

I think I still need to work on my handwriting being easier to read and less messy but I think that I have gotten a lot better at organizing my things and remembering where they are. I have learnt lots about chemistry and states of matter this semester. This semester I have created the same amounts of information texts as narratives. We have been working on decimals this term but not so much square roots and percentages. I have also used more difficult and more challenging words in my writing.

My goals for next year:

Next year I would still like to work on not having such messy handwriting. I would like to be more organised with my locker so it’s easier to clean. I would like to start learning about algebra and continue to learn about how to convert fractions into percentages. In my writing I would like to work on having different genres so that not all of my stories are fantasy. I would like to work on my public speaking in front of large crowds so that I am a lot less nervous in the future.

April 20, 2016
by chiara2014

Term 1’s Integrated Unit Reflection

This unit for term one, civics and citizenship, we learned about Australian democracy, how to pass a bill and how to be a great Australian citizen. We looked at the nine values and we learned about the House of Representatives, the Senate and how the Governor-General has to sign the bill before it officially becomes a law.

Three facts I discovered while learning about civics and citizenship were that that there are 13 people represent me in parliament (the 12 senators from my state and one from my electorate), parliament house is in in Canberra and before a bill is finally a law the Governor-General must sign the bill. The process of creating a law is very complex and is also tricky to be in parliament. I wonder why the process of passing a bill takes so long?

This integrated unit has been very exciting and interesting but for me my favourite thing we did was go to Ballarat to see the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka (or M.A.D.E). It was incredible to see the flag, (or what was left of it!). The most important thing I learned was in Democracy everyone (over 18) can vote for their leader. How I found out was by reading this post. This information will be useful for if I ever want to be a MP (member of parliament) when I’m older.


February 29, 2016
by chiara2014

Buddies Reflection

Our first buddies’ session went very well we met our buddies for the first time and we had lots of fun together. As well as it being fun we (Ebony and I) learnt lots. Like we have to be patient, responsible and enthusiastic. I think we do the buddies program to help the preps fit in to the school but still have an opportunity to make their own friends and to be similar to a role model to them. My buddies name is Lucie. I think she is very fun, energetic and confident about her work. I am enjoying the buddies program so far and I can’t wait to continue it and to work with Lucie again.

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