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February 25, 2017
by chiara2014

S.R.C. Application

Dear Classmates,

I believe I would make a great SRC representative for 5/6 C this year because I have volunteered to work with the Prep Orientation and Buddies program for several years. This included me helping them make friends and reassuring them if they were worried or concerned. I enjoyed helping both the preps and the teachers. This shows that I know how to work with younger students and that I am good at communicating with the whole school. Once a week I also mentor and teach junior dance students. This involves encouraging them, giving them positive and constructive feedback and shows that I am good at communicating with a range of people.

I believe I am a great leader because I am committed to the school for example I have been in Green Team several times and SRC previously before. I am a role model to the school because I am always setting a good example for the younger kids. I also don’t like bossing people around and I think that’s a good quality to have as a leader because they are more likely to listen to you if you listen to what they have to say.

I live the values because I am very good at collaborating with and respecting people and their ideas. For example in the swimming carnival I was part of a group of eight people who teamed up to try and get the most corks that were in the pool into the bucket with one cork in your hand at a time. Our group won because we were all good at collaborating with each other.

Thank You for considering me as your SRC representative for 2017.


June 8, 2016
by chiara2014

My Prepared Speech

Some strong points that I had were I was very familiar with the topic and I knew what to write about when I got started. Also we had previously learned lots on this topic in class so you can kind of call it a tiny head start with what I was going to do. I was confident with presenting in front of the class and they I think they liked my presentation seeing I was the first one to present.

Some difficulties I faced was it was my first ever prepared speech and I didn’t really know what would happen at first. Luckily, after some help I did understand.  My main problem was I only had one week to finish and present it while others had about three weeks to do theirs but at the same time I am sort of glad I got over and done with.

Some work habits can I change to achieve higher results next time would be to start as soon as possible because I started two days after it was assigned but I think it would be even better if I had started the day it was assigned. My prepared speech was very good like that and I think it if I started sooner it would have been great.

I can use the skills of speaking and listening in other subjects like math when I have to explain  how I worked something out or how I came up a formula. In maths there no point in doing or learning something if you can’t explain it to an audience- it means you don’t know it very well at all!

So this is my amazing Prepared Speech…

Today, I’m going to talk to you about the different states of matter and why I believe a solid is the most familiar one.

There are 5 states of matter that I know of, they are: solid, liquid, gas, plasma and Bose-Einstein condensate but plasma was discovered in 1879 and Bose-Einstein condensates was discovered in 1995.

I will talk about all of the states of matter except for Bose-Einstein condensates, which (in case you’re wondering) is where something is a fraction hotter than absolute zero where all the particles stop moving completely! A little bit about the states of matter is that in solids, the atoms vibrate on the spot and they stick together. But with liquids and gases they have lots of room to move around in, as taught previously in class.

Now back to the question, if you look at it one way, the solids should the least familiar state. Why? Because liquids are 71% of the world, gas is everywhere on planet earth and plasma is 99% of the whole universe. But that’s saying how common they are and that’s not what I’m here to talk about today. I’m talking to you about why solids are the most familiar state of matter.

Try thinking of what a gas would look like. Can’t? Try a liquid. Probably… What about a basketball or a plate or even a chicken? These are things that are familiar. They are very clear and easy to visualize in your head because they are solid. That’s because unlike the other states of matter, the solid has a definite shape. Its shape makes it easy to remember and if you can’t remember it it’s not familiar. That’s why the solid is the most familiar state of matter.

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